Should I carry on talking to this girl or should I leave it?

I've been talking to a girl who I met online for about a month now, it has been going really well but it's the second time the date hasn't happened

We matched on tinder and at first i thought nothing of it and just carried on, i try not to take online dating too seriously as most women ignore you, surprisingly she started talking to me first

When i looked at her i thought to myself i recognised her from somwhere, but i didn't know why, and when we became friends on Facebook i realised why.

About 6 years ago me and my uncle used to go out to village pubs for a drink, and there was one we used to go to quite regular, it was full of oldies and there was only 2 young people in there, one was me and the other was the girl who worked behind the bar, she was that girl.

We used to get along really well, always having a good chat when i was there, i even plucked up the courage of asking to meet up with her on a night out, but for some reason or not it never happened.

I've never told this girl i remember her. Or have ever mentioned anything about us ever meeting in the past, as in my mind I always think it she will be freaked out by it

The first date i can't blame her for as 2 of her friends had died in a car accident the night before, it was on the news so i didn't think she was trying get out of it.

and the second was tonight, she had a meal to go to before and seemed really keen to meet me afterwards, she went quiet untill midnight and them blames a dead battery for why couldn't text me, she went quiet on me for about 4 days inbetween dates as she says she was working away and could not message me, im really keen to meet this girl and i get the idea from her she wants to meet me, but somthing always gets in her way,

I'm just wondering should I carry on or just call it a day? Thanks :)


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  • bro u should mention u remember her... she might b x-ited u rememner her. she might freak out as u say, but in a good way. i mean she'd b surprised u remember her... it means she wasn't a person u'd forget easily ;)


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  • Just call it a day dude and don't look back

  • Give her space, and she will contact you when she is ready. Leave her a message like, "I know you are going through a lot and might need some space, I'm here if you ever need me."


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