How should I feel about my boyfriends girlfriends?

I have completely misphrased that question, but that's because it's how I feel. I had spent my entire life in a girl's school and so didn't know how to interact with guys unless it's a relationship. My boyfriend had been mixed all his life and so is friends with guys and girls. He mentioned to me today that he is going to spend time with one of his female friends because she is going through a lot in her life, and even though they've been friends from before he met me I still feel so jealous, not only of her but of his other female friends. I don't know how to control it or even how to get my head around guys and girls being only friends. How do I go about this situation, and what's the normal way to feel?


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  • You should trust your boufriend isn't going to do anything he shouldn't do with them


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