Girls if you text a guy like this?

If you met a guy on tinder, then gave him your number would you text him all week if you werent interested? Weve had a conversation going for like a week. She always replies with at least a few senteces but its always to my questions, she only sometimes asks me things, but never asks about my day or what I've been doing. Its often me asking the questions to keep the conversation going. But she doesn't asnwer bluntly at all, just doesn't seem interested in asking me things sometimes? Like ill ask how her day was doing whatever she was doing... She will then reply but not ask what I've been doing or anything. Is she not interested? We only met on tinder like a week ago and I got her number after some messaging, so surely she wouldn't feel bad for not replying. So why does she text me for a week like this? Also sometimes taking a while to reply.
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  • she sounds like she's not that interested. more like whoa a strangers messaging me, not sure if i should open up to this guy. i was in similar situation. i keep replying to not to ditch him. not fair i give you the number and then i don't reply. she probably gonna take it slow. ever talked about meeting up? still too early for that?

    • Not yet, I've only not asked because she seems uninterested in asking me things! Im fine if she is, its just like id prefer no reply at all than something that semi makes me feel unsure :/

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    • so why would she even bother replying at all? like she replys not being blunt at all, she puts ! and emojis and things, just rarely asks me things, she sometimes does when the convo seems to be dieing. Tbh its just abit annoying and confusing if she isn't interested! If I was her I and I was not interested I wouldn't reply at all! its only a guy she met a week ago on tinder, no harm done not replying.

    • okay. let me explain it this way.
      im not the kind of girl who ignores anyones text. unless its someone i absolute annoyed by this person. thats after two weeks of constantly.
      she may be bad or guilty that if she doesn't reply. she's the one who gave you a number. maybe give her a day or two off. to refresh her mind. she'll feel interested again when text her again. or wait til she texts you (no longer a week..)

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