Girls, how much time you give a guy you like and have gone?

out before on a first date and he seems to like you but he has not told you directly of him contacting you either by a text or a call? I mean like 1 week 2 weeks, etc and if he has not reported in a certain amount of time do you move on without letting him now anything or you confront the guy and ask him why he takes so much time to get in touch with you?


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  • Riiight. Tip, if a guy likes you. YOU WILL KNOW IT. None of this, oh, he hasn't texted or... he takes a while to text back or he's really busy to text or call or to set up a date. No one is ever that busy. If he likes you, he'll make time. So.. you went on a date, he APPARANTLY liked you, you're waiting for him to respond? 2 days max then move the hell on. Date other guys. Men do not want clingy women who are too available. They love the chase. Don't make it easy. Get out on other dates and do not text this guy first or again (if you've already done that). If a guy also cuts down the conversation and it dies, move on. Major sign of disinterest. In your case, if it's been longer than a few days, delete his number and organise another date with someone else. Confronting him is the worst thing you can do.. he just sees an obsessed, clingy, desperate girl. Just move on, don't say anything. Just trust me with this!

    • He is not mybf or date yet he is jsut smeone I met 3 mos ago and went out to a first date we had a good time and even planned to have anoter one. ALso he sells sports goodies and I bought a head cap and he told me he will keep it until the next time we see each other and I alrady have the money so one way or the other on eI have to see him again

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    • And if I move on should I tel him I won't pay the cap anymore?

    • It's entirely up to you. If you can handle seeing him again to pay for it, then do that. If not, you can always text/msg to tell him you've changed your mind.

  • two weeks.

    • Two weeks and you confront him or just do not tell him anything?

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