Why do people cheat? I just don't get it?

obviously I've never cheated in my life to be honest. But this guy I been talking to for 4 months just ruined it. In the beginning I would ask him about his girlfriend and he told me that was long time ago because we go to same gym (that's how we met). So as we kept talking I would still see her and go up to him to say hi and what not I ignored it and he told me it was awkward for him. We would hangout 2 times a week but only for few hours. My gut always told me something was wrong but i wouldn't listen cause I didn't have proof he was doing stuff behind my back. He would text me hours later or not even for a day. But I didn't mind. It started to become less hanging out in the weekends. Should've known. I found out today that he still been seeing his ex they been together for 3 or 4 years now, it's cause I was snooping on social media and found out all late. I see pictures of them still from 2 days ago. And what's sad is we were sexually active too yet he still seeing his girl. I don't know how people can do that but it hurts me and I confronted him. Not exactly telling him how I found out but he kept denying it and tried talking to me about it and how he can't be my friend cause he wants something more How pathetic. What's the point of this & cheating on someone for that long?


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  • It's simple: The value system just is not there. Their moral compass is either damaged, damaged beyond repair, or it was never instilled to begin with. Cheating is a cold, hurtful act of selfishness and it takes someone with little to zero integrity and respect to do that. If he was cheating on you for that long, then I think that's an indication of a really pathetic self-esteem or a narcissism issue. To prolong it and keep you around knowing that he will have to pathologically lie to cover his tracks is just really unacceptable. It suggests a hint of game-playing.

    He sounds like trash. Please dispose of him. For the sake of your own heart.

  • Because some people just suck at life.


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