Our guy friend "dumped" my best friend for me?

So a guy in my friend group and my best friend had a thing, but nothing official. thats why i say "dumped" but lately he hasn't been talking to her, and instead to me. She wanted something more but he said he wasn't sure. Shortly after is when we started talking.
I didn't think much of it at first, because we were already friends and I didn't know about what happened between them. Now my best friend is talking to me about how she thinks he isn't into her anymore (not responding to texts), and she is going to give up on him. I think its because he has been talking to me.
I feel so torn, because I kind of like him, and I've never had a relationship before. But I dont want to break my friends heart.
I feel like they need to have a conversation about where they stand, but also I feel like I need to tell my friend he has been talking to me A LOT. (Like every day for the past two weeks, usually before we go to sleep). I dont want to lose her, and I'm kind of worried about him since he just dropped her with no explaination. But at the same time this is the first guy that has ever shown any sort of interest in me and i'm 18.

When should I talk to her? ASAP or when I have more proof that he likes me.
Should I stop talking to him as much to avoid leading him on?
Should I wait for a guy in a less dramatic circumstance?


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  • U will no longer be friends with that girl. She prob. Is talkin smack right now about u

    • i know for a fact that isn't true, so thanks for your help

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