I was told that I look like rocky balboa is that good or bad?

A couple of days ago a coworker at my new job told me that I look like rocky balboa. I then said was because of my curly hair but he said a little but more in the face. I laughed a little and continued working. Now I don't know if that was good or bad. I have never payed too much attention to my looks by that I mean if im ugly or attractive until now. I have been thinking about my looks recently and then for my coworker to tell me that you know. Anyway i have never been called ugly or handsome so my brain is stuck. I have never seen a girl show any type of attraction to me. I actually know all the times I've been hugged by a girl its sad because their isn't to many of them. I also never had a girlfriend before and I'm 20 years old. Maybe me never having a girlfriend is my fault. I have always been interested more in math and science then people but now I'm a bit scared of what girls might think of me never having any type of relationship in the past. My brain is like what if it's to late I didn't learn the skill I needed to interact with girls when I was young all cause of math and science. Fck I know that everyone says oh just go and say hi I'm like ok but after the hi what next then what's after that and then what's after that after a while I just can't entertain the girls with my favorite quote "pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas" albert Einstein I think she will be like what the hell. Any way their is this girl at my new job that I haven't said hi to and I have been their for 2 weeks. When the two of use are alone in the lunch room for break I want to say something but brain is like an endless loading screen. Sorry that i went off a different topic then my question but any help


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  • its a good thing.


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  • O you mean this awesome guy lol


    That's a good thing man, Sylvester Stallone is a good looking guy so I'd take that as a compliment. And now you have an excuse to do rocky impersonations in front of this person lol.

  • Yo Adrian I did it


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