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Guys if you liked a girl for 4 years and had feelings for her then what type of thoughts would you have about her?


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  • If I liked someone for that long, my thoughts would be to make her my girlfriend first and foremost. My thoughts would be on what I could do to attract her, or if I even have a shot. I would try to find ways of spending time with her, make her see I'm a great guy and see if there's enough clues to suggest it's worth making a move.

    When it comes to having feelings for someone for that long, the fear of rejection can be quite overwhelming, so it would make me more hesitant to try unless I knew I had a good chance. When it's someone you just met, there's less risk, but if it's someone you've known a long time, you factor in if friendships might change, awkwardness if you are in the same social groups and all that.

  • Personally I would have thoughts about settling down, starting a family. We all have different minds.


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