What would you think of someone that's nearly 30 and hasn't been in a relationship nor even on a date for years?

I'll be 30 in less than 2 years from now. In terms of relationship, I only have the history of my then boyfriend that took my v-card. It's been over for a long time now.

In terms of dates, the last date I've gone out was way back in 2012 and it never went anywhere further than talking and eating on a restaurant or at a cafe. Nothing else ever developed.
Update: I would be lying if I said I'm very happy about my little to no social life situation.


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  • I'd think that's she was either unnatractive, anti-social, low sex drive , low self-esteem or some combination of those.

    To clarify, the fact she's never had a boyfriend WOULDN'T turn me off, in fact I'd prefer that over a girl with lots of previous partners. What MIGHT turn me off would be her reasons for not having a boyfriend (depending on which ones they were)

    If she is attractive with an average sex drive but is just shy or somewhat antisocial then Im cool with that since I'm kinda introverted myself.

    However if she's ugly or asexual then I'd probably be turned off.

    • Reasons: I can't meet anyone by taking classes online, still living at home with my parents (personal issues but I'm saving money to move out soon) and I'm doing my practices as freelance. I'm in my last year of college. Other than that I'm not someone that had many friends and haven't been invited to a hang-out for years now.

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    • Ok... can't wait to finish my major already. The last year feels like the one that takes forever.

    • nkt a virgin but you weren't promiscuous, at least I'm guessing.

      I don't drink or party so I'd be cool with that too.

      really it depends on the guy tho. I'm introverted but an extroverted guy might be turned off

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  • I'd assume you'd been hurt in the past and found it hard to trust. Therefore were patient enough to wait for what you deserve , rather than just settle for anyone just for he sake of being in a relationship.

    • Thank you but not really. I actually do want to get back in the dating world sooo badly. I can't meet anyone by taking classes online, still living at home with my parents (personal issues but I'm saving money to move out eventually) and I'm doing my practices as freelance. I'm in my last year of college.

    • So it 's because you don't really have the opportunity to meet someone?

    • yes, that's the main reason

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  • I would think they dont go out enough or doesn't have the exposure of single men at work or areas she frequents.

    • It's hard to meet others while taking classes online and only working as freelance (well I'm actually doing my practices). Eventually I do want to go back in the dating world once I'm done with college. Plus every now and then, I do soften a bit when I see babies or toddlers (this small change happened just suddenly only like 2 months ago).

    • Studies should always come first. I think once done with that you go out more with friends you will catch someones eyes or you will catch there's.

  • I'm in the same boat, I haven't had a serious relationship in the last 2 years. I wouldn't judge you for it. I would however wonder why.

    • Thanks... it's a relief that I'm not alone.

  • This kind of thing is a complete non-issue for me. It takes me a while to transition from "in a relationship" to "ready to pursue another relationship" as well, so I've got some pretty good gaps in my dating history too.

    • true but I would like to get back in the dating world soon. I miss doing out on a date and being in a relationship.

  • I'm 27 and have never been in a relationship. Hopefully one day I will. Just got to keep looking I guess...

    • You'll find her eventually. I wouldn't mind if a guy's been in my same position. I would rather be with someone similar than with someone that keeps changing girls frequently.

  • It is more of a plus, because you didn't have a ton of boyfriends (which is something that skives me out, but doesn't turn me away.)


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