My best friend who moved out of the country and my crush who changed the day she celebrates her birthday because of me are having it on the same day?

Help what should i do?
So, i am 16 and my best friend who i've known for 12 years will be 17 in about 3 weeks and my crush has changed the day when she celebrates her birthday to exactly the same day as my friend.
Long story short, i met that girl accidentally because i was suposed to sit with my other friend in a bus on a field trip but he changed his mind and i ended up sitting on a nearest empty seat, so i sat with her. That was about a year and a half ago and i took up the same sport as she because she told me. Since then we met, we went out a lot and the next thing to come will be her birthday which she moved because i will be on summer school of science on that day.
On the other hand i dont know if my friend is going to come back for a while just for his birthday or not and it bothers me.
So what should i do, go with my crush or go with my friend or perhaps "meet in the middle"?


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  • easy choice. just split it in half, so both would b satisfied.
    go first 2 yer friend and after leavin say "sorry but i've gotta go 2 another b-day, if u don't mind"

    • thanks man, that's what i thought but wasn't quite sure :)

    • np bro, u r welcome :)

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