How many dates before you can fart?

Minimum amount of dating back that must take place before you can fart in front of them.
  • First date! Let 'em rip!
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  • 2nd to 5th date
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  • 5th to 15th date
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  • After a few weeks
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  • After a few months
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  • After a couple years
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  • NEVER!!!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i think you are free to fart whenever you want too lol just make sure you do it in a discreet way lol

    • Yeah, agree... but you and I both know that's not what this question is about.

      It's about "when can I actually fart with abandon, as if I were by myself?"

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What Girls Said 2

  • Well me and my boyfriend never dated, we met online and then I lived with him for a couple of months lol XD
    We were intimate pretty much the first night, and he startd farting out loud a couple of days later I think, I dont mind :P he said he was happy to be at the stage where he doesn't have to hold in his farts, so was I. I want him to feel completly comfortable around me.

  • Hahaha Whenever you feel comfortable - but then you have to know the person you're dating to know what they think is okay - hence not making it awkward or unnecessarily gross.


What Guys Said 6

  • I saw a magazine once that said a man may not fart in front of a woman until he has brought her to orgasm, and on two separate occasions, to make sure the first one wasn't a fluke :D

  • The fart or buttercup challenge test is the (mine at least) final test to see if a girl is "cool" or not. No really... I really am serious. Once we get past the initial personality, intimacy and other crucial elements it really does come down to the fart test. While this is not a "make or break" thing it certainly tells me (and I am sure every other guy) if the girl has a specific personality or not.

    I wouldn't let one fly until I was sure she was worth pursuit and then it comes down to:
    a) Is this the right time to surprise and blame her?

    b) Is this the right time to hold her ransom with a buttercup?

    To each their own but you must never underestimate the power of the fart. If yielded by a person who knows what they are doing it could either be devastating and/or bring the two closer together and open up a world of laughter because, let's face it, farts are hilarious.

  • I see girld are more comfortable about farting than men... Girls are gross. :p

  • When I am dating a girl if she needs to fart on the first date she should. It is natural. I don't mind.

  • Hmmmmm. Well @Ihav2fart?

  • 1st date! she's free to do as she wishes


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