Guys, How do you deal with a man who you think is ignoring you all of a sudden? Need serious and genuine advice please?

I met this guy three months back for matrimonial alliance (arranged marriage). We hit off well and have kept in touch ever since. Innitially, I could feel he was way too interested in me. Though he was always honest that he was in touch with other girls for marriage purpose but he also keeps telling me that he likes me the best. He tells me he likes my honesty and simplicity. Lately our families met (to see if thigs were going on the right track, though nothing is finalised) - I first thought his family wouldn't like me but he still kept in touch and i couldn't see any change in him. However, recently I just asked him what are his plans and in case he's serious about me. He said he likes me and doesn't speak to anyone else and would hope if things go ahead with me. He wants to take some more time - a month or two, get to know me a little more (which is fine for me too) and then settle down.

But post this conversation - I have seen a change in him. Though it's been only a few days. He used to call or message me on his own but it has come down. Could be because he his travelling and his parents were in town. But don't know - I feel it's coz of the emotional talk he had with me the other day and he got drained out may be. The last time I spoke to him was when I called and he was leaving for a trip with friends. He did ask me if I want to joun but even then... the initiative of him talking to me or staying in touch has come down over the past few days. Am just worried - hope I have not lost him :(.


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  • if this started happenin once his parents were in town, then it could b a possibility. another possibility might b when he left for a trip and asked u to join and u refused... then he got mad at u, but didn't show it

    • It has happened once earlier as well... but after that there was enough time for me to get him back from his unusual self... this time probably he was occupied with his trip and everything else... He's not mad at me for not coming for the trip - am sure of that. But I am just wondering should I call/message him now. I miss talking to him :-(.

    • is he still on da trip? maybe u should... he might've forgotten u. don't wanna scare u but there might b a possibility he might've found some other gal THERE

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