How do I get her to like me over her boyfriend?

The girl I like is currently dating another guy, they've been at it for a year already. Her boyfriend is a d***, she tells me that she made her cry, and that he has forced her to the ground and tried to make her give him a bj. She asked me "when you go out with me, you would never do that to me right?". She told me that she ll go out with me next.

Her boyfriend is very possessive and yells at her for texting and hanging out with me.

What do I do to get her to break up with him, and go out with me faster?


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  • wow what a jerk! well first of all, if he is treating her that bad, she can't go out with him much longer (or she shouldnt anyway) but in the mean time you have to show her how bad that is of him and that its not right for him to be doing that to her. ask her why she likes him in the first place and show her how nice you would treat her. show her what she's missing :)


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  • Well she needs to break up with him. I'm sorry but I have no respect for weak ass girls that let guys treat them that way. One day she will get tired of being treated like that hopefully and she'll break up with him. Maybe she is so used to being treated like crap that's what she's used to. You can't do anything really, that's her choice if she wants to stay in a relationship like that.


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