He has stop texting me when he's with her?

I've just got back in touch with a friend and weve been talking like old times! He was texting me a bunch, calling me my nickname and tagging me in cute dog videos and stuff on facebook (along with his girlfriend and other friends).

But, he's suddenly stopped tagging me. He texts me fairly regular, but then he'll suddenly stop without saying bye. I can then later see a status update from his girlfriend saying she's doing something with him, so i think he stops texting me when he's with her.

I can understand that, she's his girlfriend, but as he used to text me more, do you think she's told him to stop talking to me?


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  • It could be... Maybe she got jealous and told him to stop


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  • Yes she told him to stop tagging u , and stop talking with u. and she has the right to because she is his girlfriend. your friend is her boyfriend not a friend. :)


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  • Yes, most probably she has told him to stop. Or he realized on his own that it might be a bit rude to text others while he's hanging with her.

  • maybe he is just busy with her.. you would do the same if you were with your boyfriend


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