If you love someone let them go- but tell them first?

This isn't so much a question as venting.
I've been seeing a guy for a few months. He said from the beginning he didn't want a relationship. I knew I had feelings but I couldn't resist seeing him and I fell for him anyway.
It's really hard being in love with someone and wanting to make them happy and treat them well when they don't want the same thing.
Even though I don't want to its best if I don't see him anymore and just completely have a break from talking to him until I'm over him properly.
I didn't say the L word. I told him what he already knew, that I cared about him a lot but I wanted more and I'll miss him but I wish him all the happiness in the world.
I said I didn't want to talk about it, I just wanted to be honest and true to myself and I have him a hug and left before he felt the need to say anything.
And may have driven home wiping away tears.
Sigh. Hopeless romantics. That's life right? All part of the story


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  • I am definitely in that category. I couldn't catch a break if you gift wrapped it and handed it to me. Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth all the effort. :P


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  • When he said he doesn't wants to be in a relationship then it means he doesn't loves u back.
    I also experienced this back in my school days i also cried because my feelings were however not returned but i got a new guy in my life. So sweetheart true love is worth the wait. It's alright. but you should've listened to him before going, what if he was going to say something that would've make you feel loved. Anyways , if he loved u too then he should look for you and tell his feelings to u. so my advise is that stay away from him now. It will take time to get over on him but you have to try your best and don't again run for him just leave him and forgot him.
    if it's hard for you to forget him then try remembering some of the bad things he did, his rudeness, his defects ot anything that makes u a littlw hate him it will make u forget him quickly.
    :) always smile and cheer up

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