Girls, So met a girl online, she seems really into me, but I just started dating this other girl. I don't want to give this gal false hope, advice?

She seems nice, but she seems to be really into me... and that's fine, but I recentlybfell for this other girl really hard, and sges been just great to me, so great that it would feel unfair to everyone for me too keep this online girl in the dark.
but she's been saying some things that imply she's heavily into me, and how other guys have let her down...
i don't want to hurt her... What's the best way I can tell her. I know she's probably gonna be hurt regardless... But I'm not balancing two girls.


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  • Ok, have you and the other girl met? Just straight out say, i'm sorry, i am now dating someone else. Fucking brutal but you know what's worse? Being ignored, having some guy drop the conversation slowly out of disinterest or tell me some bullshit. Just tell her. Straight up. I am not into you. Lol.. making a mental note to not make it obvious i'm into a guy. Really turns you all off. She's probably pretty awesome. Make sure you're not leaving her in the dark for someone who isn't as into you as you are into them, otherwise you will majorly lose out. Good luck!

    • Well that's not it at all, if she had been into me before it would be a different thing...
      The other girl has been my friend since early February... I honestly connect with her better then I have with anyone in the past. I used to be obese and she was the first girl who took notice of me even before I lost all the weight. And I thought she was amazing then...
      She told me how she liked me first... And it was her forward ness and independence I've reallybfallen for...
      This other girl, I justvstarted talking to her because she had neat artwork, and seemed cool as a friend... I've not met her in person...

    • Ok, that changes everything. Been in a similar situation, was fat, lost weight, then guys who were rude to me before, ended up being into me. Tell her you're involved with someone else. No need to explain, it's your choice. Everyone gets rejected at some point in their lives, it's not a big deal. I, personally, never entertain a man who was rude to me previously when bigger.

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  • don't send mixed signals. tell her exactly what you are going through and hope she understands. (She will most likely)

    • Yeah... I think you're right. It's just I'm not used to this. I don't like it at all. And I'm not the type of dude to even try talking to multiple girls at once... I seriously just started talking to her as a friend, and I get really peppy tiwards my friends and she misinterpreted it and thinks I'm really into her...

    • tell her!

  • Be honest, and don't lead her on. It'll hurt more if she knows you've been lying to her

  • just tell her you're in a relationship i mean c'mon

    • The thing is I'm not in a relationship. And I've already told her that...
      Me and this other girl have been on one date, but it was an amazing date, and she's actually a really good friend of mine. On our date knowing that I had never dated before she offered to take the reigns for me and really help me...
      I have serious feelings for her, but its not like we're officially dating... even if we have another date planned it's not like we're boyfriend and girlfriend...
      The online girl asked if I'd ever had a girlfriend, cuz I guess I said something awkward I don't know what off the top of my head but nothing suggestive, and I answered I've never had a girlfriend.

    • OH sorry i misread!

    • well do what feels right

  • Just be straight up and tell her what you feel

  • Did you fell for another girl in real life?
    And you want to break up with the girl you met online, is that correct?

    • Well we're not a couple or anything, she just started talking to me online, and I figured I'd talk to her since she seemed interesting, but like I wasn't trying to start a relationship with her cuz I knew I was crushing on the real life girl too hard to consider anything.
      I mean I complimebted her when she was feeling down, and now I think she thinks I'm interested... Like a lot.
      And I really don't know what to do.

  • Maybe not online?

    • Well I've never met her in person... She's just weirdly drawn to me. I don't know why :/

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