Please help did I screw up?

Ok i have been seeing this guy 4 two months now. We met threw a dating site. I deleted my account over a month ago (not due to him just tired of messin with it). Well he still has not i made it known that it hurt 2 know he still had it. He responded with i never get on it. So after another month i decided to open another account. Just to see if that was true. And no wasn't. But i never said anything. to him i just let it be where not officially bf/gf (hes made that clear.) well last night i was on the site tring to figure out how to delete it again and he sent me 3 messages i never got to read them and accounts deleted. Only one i saw said "Really". Did i fuck up somewhere?


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  • If he's still using the account and lying to you about it then it sounds like the only way you could fuck up is to waste anymore of your time on him.

    If you want a friend with benefits that's one thing, but it sounds like you're looking for more and that he definitely isn't. It's not a good fit, find someone who is looking for the same thing you are.


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  • it's not you, it's him. he's a compulsive liar


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  • how this account was deleted then? no u didn't screwed things up... but just open another one account and x-plain wot happened, then ask him to send u those messages again


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