Is he ignoring me cause he thinks I'm a slob?

When my boyfriend came to pick me up for our last date and my little sisters stupidly opened the door wide open and our house is super messy and. filled with boxes cause we moved about a year ago but haven't had time to unpack everything... he had a wonderful view all the way in the front of my house. Ever since that date, he's been ignoring me. I feel like he might think I'm a total slob and that's why he's ignoring me... since that date I've also come to realize that our relationshipp is kind of come to an end. Im going off to college, he's about to be hit with the crazy of senior year, and we just aren't in the right place to be in a relationship together. What do y'all think? Is he ingoring me caause he thinks I'm a total slob or is he realizing that we're pretty much over too?


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  • I think he also realizes that it's over too, so he's ignoring you now, and I think the messy house didn't help either.


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