How to be a great date?

Hi everyone. I have a date and I'm just looking for tips especially from girls on how I can be fun. How can I do it? How should I act? Obvisiously I know be myself but what else? Also possibly spark some more attraction?


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  • Ask questions and then actually listen to her answers. Don't go to dinner and a movie 'cause all you're gonna do in the movie is stare at the screen and wish you weren't ignoring each other. Make an activity date, so if you can't think of anything to say next, you have something to do to keep it from getting awkward (had a GREAT first date with a man who took me out to teach me to play pool). Play to your strengths - pick something you'll genuinely enjoy, 'cause enthusiasm is contagious - and have a back-up plan in case she's not into it (or in case it goes so well you don't want to end the night after wherever you go first). Be funny when it comes naturally but don't try too hard. Have a female friend approve what you're wearing (it doesn't really matter but you'll feel more confident and that DOES matter).

  • You could bring her to her favorite place, like maybe if she likes movies, a cinema? If she likes bowling, a bowling alley? That should start the ball rolling. And yes! Be yourself. Show who you really are. Don't try to hide and be someone you're not because that'll eventually backfire. Try to tell jokes, it's funny even when you don't make sense haha! Right, and tell her she's beautiful. When you go pick her up, just tell her that. I promise it'll be a big step. Give all your attention to her and just have a great night! Hope everything works out :-)


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