Should I give this guy a chance?

there is this guy i been hanging out and talking to. he really likes me but he's not my type and i dont feel any connection or chemistry. im really not feeling it at all but he's a really nice guy and really likes me a lot. im still trying to get over my ex who i fell hard for and i really felt something with him. he was everything i wanted in a guy and i thought he was a nice guy and really liked me like he said he did but he turned out to be a jerk and was just using me. i want to date someone who is nice and actually likes me but i feel no connection or chemistry with the guy im talking to right now who really likes me. we have nothing in common but he's really nice and really likes me. what should i do?


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  • You should if he's genuinely nice, and get to know him better first before deciding.

    • he's not my type and we don't have anything in common. I don't feel anything like he does as for me

    • Then just tell him straight forward that you only like him as a friend.

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  • Don't date him yet! Since you're not over your ex, give yourself more time. I'm sure you got badly hurt after that jerk used you. Give yourself time to repair. Learn to trust people again. If I were you, I wouldn't rush things. If this guy really is as nice as you say he is, he would understand if you explained. Tell him "Sorry, but I can't date you now. I'm still trying to get over my last relationship that didn't end well. I hope you can understand." You know, connection and chemistry between people can be built up. Try to open up more to him and tell him about what's going through your mind. Only then will you start opening your heart. If you rush things now, the ones getting hurt will be the both of you. Good luck! :-)

    • I always talk about my ex because im hurt and I need someone to talk about it. he gets mad at me and tell me to move on. its kinda hard when you have lingering feelings for your ex that hurt you :(

    • Then he doesn't really seem like such a nice guy... but have you explained to him that the reason you talk about your ex is because you need someone to talk to about it? Maybe speaking to a guy who likes you about your ex isn't that appropriate... Maybe find a girlfriend to talk to?

    • I have and its all the same. my girlfriends don't really help at all. im always listen to their relationship problems :/

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  • if u feel no connection/chemistry towards him then chances r if u start a relationship then things will b doomed. but if u don't give him a chance then u might hurt him. s it's up 2 u and only to decide


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  • In my opinion if there is no connection or chemistry, really there is nothing there to further explore and it will only b a waste of ur time. Wait out and the right nice guy with whom you wil also have chemistry and a connection will show up

    • Also it might b too soon to b dating again. U might not b feeling anything yet bcause u r not capable of it yet. U r still recovering from ur last relationship. Give urself some alone time. For ur sake and for this guys sake too.

    • I caught my ex with someone and I now hear he's going back with his ex :( he told me has no intentions going back with her. he also has little kids with her and he told me he needs to be a good dad since his kids are having a bad time with their parents not being together :(

    • Maybe its better this way. He seems to have a whole life of responsibilities attached to him. He is already a father i mean. Sorry that he hurt you and that you are hurting now. Abot this new guy, follow what ur gut tells u. Its just many times i see the girls trying to date the supposed nice guy when they dont even have chemistry with him and are just forcing themselves to have chemistry, due to a bad past experience. Id say give urself time. All the time. There is no rush. Its really true, at least for me, that the best things in life happen naturally, when u are not expecting, and especially not forcing something.

  • Give it a try.
    I feel u have a block which is stopping u.
    If u don't give it a try will u know it was good?

    • I told him I don't want to rush but he said rush is a good thing.

    • Babe go with the flow of things...
      Don't think too much

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