How do I keep myself separated from the situation between my boyfriend and his sons mother so we can still have a relationship?

My boyfriend has warned me that the mother of his son that he has full custody of is physco which is how he got full custody in the first place. All she has is visitation saturday-monday. He told me she is the type that will try to cause drama between us and won't like the fact that I'm spending time with her son. He tells me how she won't do anything for him and only cares about him because he drops him off and picks him up so she can see him and knows she wouldn't see him if he didn't do it. She is always talking all this smack and he feels its not safe for him at her house. He then told me he is sick and tired of always driving to and from her house because it is a 45min drive up and then 45min back and she won't help. He shows me all the texts between them and my boyfriend and I went to the park with his son and my daughter and I tagged my boyfriend on facebook and she bugged out. My boyfriend knows I went through all this with my daughters father and he asked me how I delt with it and I said I stopped holding his hand and providing his daughter at his door step because he wasn't going to pick and choose which days were convienent for him to be home for his visitation. He told me he doesn't want to do that and his son should have a relationship with his mom but he doesn't want to force it. He also said he is getting sick of driving up there and back and she won't help because she has no car. I just don't know what to do because He told me thank you for still being here because I should have left already because of her. I told him complaing to me won't do anything and you cater to her. I asked him to stop talking about her to me but I told him he could come to me about anything and I would be there. I'm not sure what to do at this point because it hits so close to home. How can I appologize for the fact that I think I over stepped my boundries and want him come talk to me about anything and still be able to have a relationship with him and his son?

he told me she can't tell us how to have relationship or who comes into his sons life because she had a boyfriend for 3 years. He also wants to make sure he is doing the right thing. I just want a relationship with my boyfriend where he isn't constantly complaining about her and upsetting himself and even me because it hits home. I just want to have a relationship with him and because of this it's hard and I knew what I was getting myself into but I didn't know how deep I was getting in.
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  • you need to have a sit down talk.

    • Like what do you mean? Explain please

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