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i am handicap and i like one girl. she talks with me good. she talk everything with me. and i can see that she like me due to her body language. i want to propose her. but i am hasitate to propose her as i am not sure she will accept me in this physical condition. I am not on wheelchair. but due to my condition i can not go out with her. i can not marry her. we can only meet and talk at our place. What should i do to propose her or not?


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  • Try to propose to her and see what happens. You might have good luck, who knows.

    • but i am thinking why she will accept my proposal? just asking will you accept proposal with attractive guy with such a physical condition?

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    • what question should i ask regarding my conditions?

    • Questions similar to these:
      "how do you feel about my condition?"
      "do you mind dating a guy with the same condition as me?"

  • you should propose.

    • she will accept? and on what ground?

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