Name 10 worst blind date that you went on?

the reason i write that question. because i went one, when i was a senior in high school with my best friend. its started, when i was working with my best friend's father of deliving some supply to the store. and, one girl that live around the area, was looking at my friend. then, my friend tell me, that the girl is staring at and i do not to do. i tell him, to go to the girl ask her out. then, he went to ask her out. and, he did. then, he tell me, that she have a friend and if i come along. i say, yes. when i went to the date. to an mcdonald and thing was great. until, my friend put me on a side, he tell me, that the both girl like you, than me. and, he call me, ladykiller.
that's why i ask that question. and, i would like to know if this is strange of the solution.


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