How can I get my boyfriend to kiss me again?

OK me and my boyfriend has been dating a while well when we first started dating we made out all the time well for the past month he doesn't even kiss me. he tells me that he is to stressed out and don't want to kiss so what's the deal how can I change it to were he wants to kiss me again

everything is good now thanks y'all


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  • My ex did the same thing after a couple of months. So what I did was I invited him over like I so often did without acting like anything was different. When he came over I had a movie ready to watch with some popcorn and I dressed a little more revealing than I usually do. Then we started to watch this terribly boring movie and I started to kiss him. All I had to do was spice it up a little bit and initiate the kiss and trust me it was one of the most passionate kisses I have had in a long time.


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  • Honestly if a guy doesn't want to kiss you it is more than he being stressed out. The majority of guys enjoy making out because it relieves stress. The only things I can suggest are either get really close to him face to face when your alone or start to kiss him yourself. If he doesn't kiss you there is another problem other than stress.


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  • Have you tried just kissing him? And if a boy doesn't want to kiss you somethings up

    • Ive tried kissing him but all I get is little pecks and it annoying and I live with him and like I don't know it just makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong

    • Lol hold him down and don't give him a choice. But it's something other than stress