How to work a date proposal into a conversation?

The question speaks for itself :/


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  • Don't treat it like a date oi you're nervous, just enquire about meeting up, like maybe you guys have a mutual interest. Talk about it then ask them if they'd like to do something related to that. Like maybe you two wanted to see a certain movie at the cinema


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  • Try using ''we'' instead of ''you.''

    ''How about we get a drink sometime?''

    ''We should get together soon and grab a bite.''

  • "Hey"
    "How are you?"
    "I'm well, yourself?"
    "i'm fine. So, what did you do today?"
    "I went and studied astrophysics with Brad. Yourself?"
    "I cleverly sought help on a website called GirlsAskGuys to ask you out on a date."
    "Oh, what was the advice they gave you?"
    "To just ask you straight up, but I want to work it into the conversation better. So, how was class?"
    "Well, it was alright. So about that date thing?"
    "No, not yet, I'm still trying to cleverly come up with an introduction. So, what are you doing tomorrow?"
    "I'm free in the evening..."
    "I'm playing Pathfinder myself!"
    "Wait, ..."
    "So, do you like sushi?"
    "... Yes."
    "Me too."
    "Do you want to go out on a date?"


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