My girlfriends phone got disconnected till Monday, but I miss her so much?

We are long distance right now, but i fuckin miss her. she's the one im gonna marry, and I don't know I feel lost without her.
How to get her off my mind till Monday. It seems like forever.


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  • That's so sweet !

    If you're a good writer , I suggest spending time writing a poem or a song for her.

    do something constructive to occupy your mind.


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  • Well, better fap to her nudes.

    • ? That was such a immature answer.

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  • There are other means of communication. Why only limit it through phone?

    • its kinda complicated.
      But its only till Monday, and I need physically and mentally need her. she's everything to me.

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    • Oh sorry. I didn't mean to make it look like that. I just woke up in a not so good mood and just threw questions straightforward.

    • she's poor and can't afford internet, and she's away for school.

  • If u don't mind me asking how old are u both?

    • 22, why?

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    • So you don't miss her then -_-

    • what makes you say that? cuz i asked you to be my player 2?

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