What do you of women in their 30's and 40's still into the bad boy type?

I would of thought women in these age ranges would of grown out of that
by now? I get a lot of emails from dating sites that some women want
the bad boy type. And these aren't 18's or 20+ yr olds but women who
are 34, 35, 42 etc. If this is want mature women want then does this
mean I need to start acting like the bad boy now?
  • Yeah it is sad when its older women liking that?
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  • No its Ok but it can look weird
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  • I'm a guy just wanna see the results
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  • I don't know! I thought women stopped liking bad boys when they got older

    • Sadly these women haven't.

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  • There are plenty of women who aren't into the "bad boy" type, of all ages.

    In terms of women who do like "bad boys", I would suggest that:
    1. There are some women who like bad boys their entire lives.
    2. There are some women who like bad boys when they're young, but "grow out" of that preference (perhaps they have some bad experiences that they learn from).
    3. There are some women who date good guys when they're young, but maybe go for bad boys when they're older (perhaps a sort of "mid-life crisis" thing).

    But I think these ideas that "women like bad boys/assholes/jerks" and "women hate nice guys" is silly. Some women do, but I don't think they're the majority and I don't think you need to "act like the bad boy" to be successful with women.

  • It's ok but I don't honk it's weird

    • So its fine to see a 45 yr old dating someone a 20 would date?

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    • So I'm judging for saying older women are immature for liking bad boys
      But its not ok for older men to like younger girls? That sounds hypocritical
      don't you think?

    • You were he one who said you weren't judging anyone, not me

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