My boyfriend doesn't like the fact I met his parents?

Today I park in front of his home to wait for him to come out so we can hang out for awhile. His parents saw me outside and invite me inside their home and talked to me while he's getting ready because they said they notice I hangout with him a lot lately so they want to get to know me and so far I'm really smart and pretty. We get along well and everything until he stepped down from the stairs and saw me with his parents. He looks at his dad angrily and said what are you guys doing in here he said just talking and getting to know your friend and he said please stop bothering me dad! angrily and told me to go outside then he followed me outside. He seems not happy about me meeting his parents why is this? We get along and everything why does he suddenly act like this? Normally he's a really mice guy.


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  • He felt like his parents barging into his private space probing his privacy fearing that they will judge him for that.

    Maybe he prefers to be mentally prepared to bring you to see his parents.

    • But he acted kinda rude to his dad when he saw them talking to me?

      They even asked me to stay for dinner and he just said "Common let's go" to me he didn't seem to enjoy me meetig his parents. I felt self conscious that he might not be that serious about me and didn't want me to see them any time soon that's why he was mad when we meet?

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    • Why would he be mad at me? I didn't nothig they invited me in.

      I don't know from what I observe, his dad seems to care for him a lot (kinds over protective) and he thinks he's old enough and don't want to be under control. He thinks his parents purposely invited me in to dig into his personal life and knows all his friends and people around him.

    • So clearly it is not your fault, the problem is he don't like what his parents did that day.

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  • Maybe he didn't expect that to happen. Tell him your parents nervously invited you inside and didn't want to say no, give the guy some time to process it lol and maybe he wasn't ready for that to happen

    • He might not be ready but what happens happened. The fact he acted rude to his dad about it makes me feel like he's not serious about me therefore is not ready for me to meet his parents anytime soon that's why he's mad. I know I have self esteem problem I'm probably over thinking it but yeah...

    • Its okay I overthink sometimes! Give it some time!

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