Help me plan this date out?

I'm kind of panicking here trying to plan this out. So any help would be appreciated. I asked a girl on date. We work with each other but in different departments. We have been talking for a little while now. Anyway I asked her on a date and she said yes. She suggested we go night hiking. Easy enough. The trail we are going on is one way up and same way down so we won't get lost. My only concern is it will be dark when we get done with the first half but then going back it will be dark. So should we get something to eat after. I think eating before would make our stomachs hurt. We are going at 7 and will probably be done around 10. Why did she pick night hiking?


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  • AWEEE!! omg such a fun date lol
    I think you should pack a little backpack of something light to eat like granola bars. If that sounds retarded, you could just go get something afterwards? Lol If you have room, bring a lantern or flashlight just so you can see coming back too ^-^
    She seems like an active person so outside activities are her thing lol remember that! :P have fun!

    • Yes she is an active person. It's nice because we know each other decently. We are comfortable around eachother. Do you think we should go get some ice cream after or something?

    • Yeah, I think that would be cute! :D go get ice cream afterwards ♡♡

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  • Bring food to go with you like protein bars or some shit like that. Maybe she eats dinner early. Maybe you should stop overthinking. Maybe you should just ask her what she thinks.


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  • Beats me, most women prefer the first few dates be ina public setting with bystanders, not a hike at night in the middle of the woods. I guess she trusts you


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