HELP! He says he wants time apart?

He told me he wanted time to better himself for me. He feels he isn't good enough and wants to take time to know if I'm what he wants. He told me he's going to behave and not talk to girls or do anything. He said he's Soley using this time to change himself to make us work.

the thing is I don't want to wait. I feel like I'm being toyed with considering he wants me one day and then the next day he's unsure. He doesn't even know how long this will take and I asked him if it's months or even until the end of the summer and he still doesn't know? Advice!!! I need the most I can get because I'm going mad!


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  • In all likelihood, this is a prelude to a breakup. I'm sorry.

    • See I asked him and he said no and told me he would've just been honest with me about it. He just wants to change and be able to be what I want him to but he is stuck in the mindset of never losing me so he becomes selfish

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  • if he says he wants to change himself to make things work between you... then i guess its a good thing but you still keep in touch right?


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  • Break up. He's just not into you but doesn't have the balls to end it.


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