Was he trying to ask me out? How to fix this...

background--A new guy friend from school and I became close lately. we texted and talked all the time about things in common and life...as a joke we were "married" during Spanish.

a weekend ago he said us and our mutual friends who are dating should catch a movie and it would be the first married date. it didn't work out because we both had practice last minute. then this weekend, us and some friends met up at a restaurant, but I didn't know he was gonna be there before hand. he said he had a lot of fun after, and the next time we did something like that, he was going to have to pay. Neither of us has ever really been serious with someone before, mostly just flings, so was he trying to ask me out?

I told him something about how I was babysitting at the time, so I wasn't so broke anymore. I really like him and this didn't quite click till today, so how to I fix this?

what should I say to him to ask him out?i don't really know what's appropriate for this situation...


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  • Sounds like he may have been trying to ask him out. To fix it, just ask him out, or make it clear that you'll be available to hang out with him.

    • I meant, trying to ask "you" out...

    • Reply to update: suggest the two of you see a movie or go to the museum, or something. Mention a movie you're interested in, for example, and see if he's also interested. It's as simple as, "hey, do you wanna check out this movie/[some other event] sometime?"

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  • yes he wanted to ask you out because he specfied he wnated to pay.

    so just ask him what's he's doing one wkd and see if he takes the opportunity to ask you out

    have fuuuuuuN!

  • i agree with sonic. pretty much what I was gonna say

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