Do guys generally just don't like girls with darker skin too much?

I realized that I'm the one getting hit on more (by guys of other races too) than my Native American friend when we're hanging out. The irony is I'm not attracted to most of those hitting on me. I guess it feels good but I feel sad for my friend.

Is that all that guys like white and Asian girls mostly while the other like Indian, hispanic and black girls struggle to get a date, much less with a guy lighter than then? She has darker tone and long straight black hair.


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  • It simply is easier to approach people who are seemingly out of your own ethnicity group than from a seemingly different one.

    Generally speaking the more different someone is, the more distance people are at first towards them. That accounts for all aspects in life as well as for all physical and behavioural attributes.

    • I get that but why were non-white guys and a couple blacks also hitting on me? As a white girl with gray eyes, I would be different from them too.

    • For them it is different as they are always the minority and thus used to it and see the majority - aka white in this example - as normal.

      It'slike a person who is generally seen as different personality wise being able to easily adjust to how the majority behaves.

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  • There are plenty of ugly white and Asian girls and plenty beautiful Indian, Hispanic and black girls.

    For example I'm sure a Zoe Saldana lookalike has no trouble getting a date, but a Kristen Stewart lookalike might have several lonely Saturday nights.

    • Thanks and yes that's interesting. Zoe Saldana is indeed pretty while Kristen Steward seems just average... she's not ugly but she's not that beautiful either.

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  • I don't think that's an issue. The real issue is that guys probably assume she's not interested based on her demeanor. Too many girls assume that all they have to do to get dates is to appear in public. No, y'all have to play your part as well. You have to participate in the dance and let guys know that you're open to us and our advances.

  • I love darker skin/complexion girls. But I'm Italian, if that matters ;)


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