Call him out on being rude, or ignore him forever?

I was seeing this guy, last weekend we had a silly argument but both got past it the next day and have talked a few times this week.
he's going away for work in a few days so I invited him to have dinner or drinks tonight before he goes
that was about... 6 hours ago. He's been online since and hasn't replied
i guess there's q chance he forgot but if he cared he wouldn't right?
I'm pretty hurt and I don't know if I should say something or just basically ignore him forever. Which I suck at :(


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  • Ouch. I wouldn't make a mistake like that. You have every right to be hurt. I can't say what course of action would be best in this case, but he deserves what you'll give him.

    • So I messaged him
      I honestly think he either doesn't think ignoring someone is rude, or pretends that he doesn't
      Either way I just told him I think it's mean and to have a nice trip
      Sigh. If he's fine with being disrespectful like that I guess he's best left in the past right?

    • *heavy sigh* I kinda saw that coming. If you want to talk, though, feel free to PM me. Probably best not to put things in an open thread.

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  • I'm the girl who will play it off cool even if it hurts me. Have you seen "The Other Woman"? Cry on the inside like a winner seems to be a motto of mine. Don't ever let people see you sweat. I'd let him go on the trip and sees if he writes. If he does cool, if he doesn't I'd maybe text him after the trip asking if he had fun

    • Ugh I wish I read this earlier
      That annoyed!
      I didn't want to be angry so I just send a bit of a passive message saying ok well aren't you lovely.
      He replied straight away 'hehe I certainly am'

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  • Or he hasn't seen it? I show as online when I step away from my computer and don't log off...


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  • He didn't get past a thing. he's being so petty. he didn't forget nothing. he didn't wanna have drinks and or dinner because of that fight

    • Maybe you're right. I had let go of it though.
      Should I message him?
      Or just ignore and act like I don't care?

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    • Dammit I wish i waited lol
      I suck at playing
      I told him I think ignoring people is mean and to have a nice trip

      I guess if he cares about seeing me he'll apologise
      If not then he'll go on his trip and I don't be waiting for him when he gets back 😤

    • Wait for him when he gets back

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