Mormons would you use a dating website? One dedicated to Mormons/LDS?

I work for a website design and marketing company our company recently aqquired a Graveyard domain for a mormon dating site. And as the only church member employed by the company in question they asked me the question.

So would you use a pure mormon LDS dating website?


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  • I'm not a Mormon but I've known many. An LDS dating site would get some traffic. I've recently seen a Jewish dating site advertising on TV; an LDS site would probably get a fraction of the users of a Jewish dating site (like half, maybe). That's my guess. Then again there seem to be many more Jews than Mormons in the US.

    The startup costs to create a site Mormons would actually want to use would be daunting.

    • Well yes my boss has already invested $25,000.00 AUD in the domain name without us even having to design scripts to run dating software. Its going to be a $35K + PROJECT.

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    • Ideally as our company is based in Australia it will be for Australian Mormons to start with and if it looked like a project that my boss could take international there's no reason we wouldn't do that.

    • Good on ya. :)