Girls, Whats the step by step method to get a girlfriend?

Never mind I give up on this bullshit I'm just going to stick to school sports and videogames bc this is bullshit I'm too awesome for a girlfriend thats why they all reject me right its not that they think I'm ugly they just aren't good enough for me thats why I always got rejected and why the hell would someone wanna date me I'm too outgoing and friendly and I love my family and care bout my education no girl wants that in a guy girls like bad guys so go after Justin Beiber & Chris Brown not me


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  • Step 1: Meet a girl.

    Step 2: Decide she's really cool and you want to spend more time with her.

    Step 3: Ask her to go do something with you.

    Step 4: If she says yes, great! If she says no, better luck next time.

    Extra credit: Stay relaxed. Don't force anything.

    Be yourself. And remember, not every girl will like you. But you won't even like you if you try to be somebody else.

    • 1) I get friendzoned by every girl I meet
      2) I'm not the type of guy to force things upon someone else
      3) I get friendzoned for flirting
      4) I get friendzoned for not flirting
      5) I get friendzoned for being funny (the good social funny not like a clown funny)
      6) I don't copy other people but I always look up the internet for advice bc my friends never do

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    • I've asked out 10 different girls back in 9th grade they all said no

    • i assumed they like me when it turnednout they didn't they only liked me as a friend

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  • Be yourself always a winner don't copy other guys have your own style, be a gent open doors for us girls and keep postive

    • I've done that for 17 years am I missing something?

    • Nope your not missing something i pinky promise :)

    • I've been being myself being the respectful gentleman my parents raised me to be and what happens? Every girl I meet that I eventually crush on either friendzones me or treats me like a pushover taking advantage of my nice guy persona

  • don't follow steps, just be yourself and it'll work out for you in the end, everyone has different ways that can either be slow or even quick to get a girlfriend/boyfriend

    • How come I been doin that for 17 years & I stay single? I done asked out 10 different girls in high school they all said no so I quit

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    • tell who? sorry im confused now aha

    • The suitable girl you're talkin about tell her its too late

  • I see it as:
    1 spot a girl you are interested in
    2 get a good sense of who they are
    3 act on your intentions
    4 things will unfold
    5 there is no changing what the girl/person feels... They either are interested or they are not. Or they might even need to get to know you more to develop feelings if they want a relationship. It's not like one method will 100% get you a girlfriend... Things will happen naturally.

    • can't there be an eaier way

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    • I know i shouldn't... But i feel bad for you 😁 in one ear and out the other

    • No you're just giving advice I already tried I want tips I haven't tried before

  • No steps just smile and be yourself!

    • I been doin that for 17 years

    • Wheres "the one" at oh yea she's out falling for some bad boy

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