If he is still logging into his online dating account every couple of days should I assume he is still looking to date other people?


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  • Yes, definitely... I would. Red flag, go with your instinct. You know what's right.

    • I log on to see if he's logged on. One time he texted me as soon as I logged in an he was on. Kind of a vicious cycle if that's what we are both doing. I guess a conversation needs to be had but I don't want to jump the gun...

    • Causally bring it up one day. But if u both are together, why not delete both the accounts? Maybe a suggestion would be to mention to him... say something like... i think I'm gonna delete my dating account. I have you now, so I don't need it. Then see what he says.. If he says nothing, say... so what do u think? Then he has no choice but to answer and then just go from there. :)

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  • Yes absolutely

    • I got on one time and as soon as I logged in and saw that he was on he texted me asking what I was up to and set plans with me.

      If a girl you were dating was still getting on the dating site would you take this as an indicator she is seeing other people and thus continue to do so yourself?

      I kinda feel like it is a push/ pull situation.

    • I feel like, if you're still logging into a dating site even though you're seeing someone, you're not serious.

      Kinda depends on the relationship too.. It couuld mean that you haven't "reached that point yet" or that you're just "passing time until something more attractive comes up".

      Either way, I'd assume use of dating site means at least the attempt to see other people is being made.

    • Thanks for the response.

What Girls Said 2

  • If you're not exclusive, it's unreasonable and unrealistic to expect him to do otherwise.

    • Well right but usually if you meet someone you really like the desire to date other people naturally goes away in its own. Just kind of at the point where things should be moving to exclusive or parting ways.

    • I'm assuming he doesn't think you're there yet.

  • yeah its a red flag!!!


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