Should I just move on and forget him or give him another chance?

We met on a social app. We talked for about a week and 2 days ago till today he was being cold to me all of a sudden.. He do say that he is falling for me. Today when my friend texted him on the social app, and here's their convo
Him: Hi
Friend: Heyy
Him: Sry for the v late reply / what school are u from?
Friend: *lied to him* whitley secondary
Him: haha ok im from hci
Friend: oh haha / are u single?
Him: haha yes / u?
Friend: same haha / but dont u have a crush?
Him: haha why / maybe its just u
Friend: cause usually guys have a crush?
Him: Haha ya like celebs crushes or girls my age?
Friend: hahah so u dont have someone u like?
Him: haha i dont lol / except for some singer i guess
Friend: what about ( my name )?
Him: how do u even know her lol
Friend: actually we are from the same sch , i thought u like her?
Him: are u like spot checking me/ haha no la its like uhmm fren fren , i guess i also dk but maybe i like her cause she's really cool
Friend: then why did you never reply for the past few days and giving her cold shoulders?
Him: this is some dangerous shit. uhm. i guess i was v busy for these days and i got like some friend i needed to talk to on whatsapp that irritates the shit out of me / thats all / tsk. sorry / she likes me?
Friend: she like u or not uhm, i won't say , ask her urself and tip: go ask her out
Him: haha cool , how did u even know so much but im 15 and she's 14.. won't she feel awk. the age gap
Freind: duh, she told me , i dont think so , go talk to her
Him: haah thanks i owe u
Friend: no prob
- he texted me and apologised for neglecting my feelings -
Him: she also a bit busy
Friend: why?
Him; she said bye to me alrd lol / maybe i too suck for her
Friend: cause u give short replies
Him: ya i know okok thanks / she has a boyf right?
Friend: no obviously
Him: ok, it wa
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  • stay and give him another chance
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he did asked me out too..


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  • forget him.


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