How do I tell if she likes me as a friend or more?

She might not have even decided yet but I'd like to know how to tell. We had a great time hanging out for the first time. Not sure if it's would be considered a date but it was fun. This is a girl I used to have a crush on then randomly ran into again and I asked her to hang out. We had plans for the following week but she invited me to hang out before that. After that event ended early she asked me to do something else which we did. She then made a point to say she still wanted to hang out after with our previously established plans. If this was a date it was my first ever and basically have a second. I still haveno clue how to read the situation and have no idea in what way she likes me. All I know is that she obviously enjoys my company so far. What comes next and how to make it clear that I want more than friendship. All this is so new to me and I'm excited and of course a little nervous. Any useful advice for a second date would be helpful.


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  • she obviously likes you.


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