How to have a good first kiss with her?

I'm going to be flat honest I haven't kissed anyone in years. It's just not something I do unless I like the person. Even if I find them physically attractive I wouldn't do it unless I liked their persoanlity as well. With all of that being said I have a date with a girl that I like. It's looking like there could very well be a possibility of a kiss happening. I am extremely nervous. Can anyone give some tips on what I can do to make it good? Like how can I set it up as well? I would like it to be good for her.


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  • Very considerate. Brush your teeth and scope b4 hand, bring gum or mints... I think gum is better. And just make it passionate. You seem to have all the ingredients to make it that way
    Happy kissingšŸ‘

  • I suggest you start touching her softly at first, e. g. on the arm. Then grab her hand and look her deep in the eyes.
    Slowly get closer and give her a sweet little kiss on the lips. Wait for a second, see how she responds.
    If it seems to be okay, you can now initiate a short French kiss.


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