Is this a good opening line to approach a girl with?

if i want to go up to a girl and talk to her, is it a good idea to initiate the interaction by asking her what from her patronus would take?


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  • That would be fine if you're not bold enough and are not comfortable being direct

    • it's not that i'm not bold enough, but i've gotten negative reactions from being direct with girls, so i decided to stop doing the thing that isn't working

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    • are you aware you just contradicted yourself? you first said its fine then you said she might walk away. how can it be fine if it could cause her to walk away? which is it?

    • Are you aware that you're overthinking all of this and the only reason I said she would probably walk away is because that's a scenario that might occur if you approached a girl with that not that it will happen it's a possibility if not done right and if you paid attention I told you it doesn't matter what you say you could go with the line you're thinking of using but it won't work if you don't have the right vibe, I'm not trying to argue with you I'm just trying to tell you that regardless if you use that line or not which is fine if you do just make sure you portray the right energy or else the girls you approach will walk away

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  • No... unfortunately, not every girl has seen Harry Potter. Maybe a better line would be to just directly ask for her number.

    • you know i really hate this site. the only girl who actually answers my q does so anonymously. fml

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    • Ahh.. I can now understand why a rude and condescending nitpicker like you is single. Do you realize that there are Harry Potter movies as well? "Seen" is definitely applicable, you prick.

    • oh. my bad i thought you were referring to the books, which is probably what any other harry potter fan would have assumed. it's not like anyone over the age of 12 is gonna think of the movies first when they hear the phrase "harry potter" if you had specified you were talking about the movies then that would be a different story but you didn't. you just "seen harry potter" so of course i'm gonna think you're talking about the movies.

      also, the reason i'm single is because me and my ex broke up months ago. how can you possibly understand that or even know it?

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  • Is she a harry potter fan? If not, I wouldn't. She could be a person who assumes if you start with that line you're a HP fan, which could potentially end your relationship before it begins if she happens to dislike it.