Girls, I think I may have said something creepy?

I met this girl yesterday at a 4th of July pool party. We really hit it off, said I was really cute, lots of touching and she gave me her number. She even gave me a kiss before we left, which was kinda cute because she seemed nervous to do so. Anyways my friends suggested I text her that night so I did and she replied pretty quickly. Then I asked a female friend what to reply and I think it came off really creepy... she never replied. So... can I recover from this?
Update: I ended up texting her again she replied the next day at noon,(sent a smiley face, saved me as my nickname, made some small talk about the storm)... but, yeah. I replied a little later, usually at work I'm too busy to think about my phone and I had to think about a reply. I eventually did around 6, now I'm waiting on a reply again.

This one is confusing, but me thinks not interested.


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  • That stinks man. You could call and talk to her? Maybe ask if she was unnerved by something you texted her? Possibly the text came off creepy because was not made for a text? Next time, listen to your intuition and stop getting bad advice. Especially from friends who may have problems with relationships of their own. If you really want to see her again, follow your heart and use your head. Good luck buddy, I hope everything works out! :-)


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  • What did you write to her?

    • I wrote what was said below. In reply to another person.

  • This is why you should never listen to female friends! Did you ever think that maybe she gave you bad advice on purpose? Females can be devious like that. I'm a female and I approve this message.

    • No. That's why peopl shouldn't listen to you...
      Don't group all girls together

    • Suuuuure..

  • What did you say? I think you can recover from it

    • Well it was mostly this other girl that thought I should say it, but it was, "oh looks like I'm going to westport later..." which is where she was.

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