I like this guy but haven't met him in person what should I do?

I've been talking to this guy for about 5 months he's 18 and im 16 and i really like him he's super sweet, funny and we can go hours talking having a conversation and that's something that matters to me because if you are not able to communicate and be yourself around the person then he's not what your looking for in my opinion, also sense of humor are some of the things that attract me to a guy and he's got it i love that about him the only thing weve only seen and talked through phone and facebook, snapchat i know this really weird but we haven't chilled or meet because of the fact that im really insecure about my self i dont want to meet him and him see me then be upset because im not what he was expecting me to be or some shit of course he has insisted me to meet somewhere or take me out to eat but i just say okay and we never do it this is fucked up whats the point of talking to someone and liking him if i can't meet him because it matters what he thinks of me when he sees me, he's the only guy I've felt like this for he's got it all 😔


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  • wot makes u feel insecure then? u shouldn't. seems like he's really interested since he has made suggestions bout meetin each other, so don't throw yer chances away

    • thank you😔and everything about me makes me insecure they have rejected me many times

    • u r welcome! and don't worry being rejected doesn't mean nobody wants u ;)

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  • Have you tried video chat together yet? If you have then there's nothing to worry about, he's already seen you lol. But if you haven't then maybe you should try and see how it goes, then you may feel more comfortable if you know he likes you after that.


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  • I'd go for it, because you say 'ok', but you keep flaking... if he likes you he might lose interest in asking you out


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