I think this guy likes me. we work together at a gym and today when he was working he said that there are a lot of good looking guys there. advice?

why would he say stuff about other guys if he likes me? or is this a clear sign that he actually doesn't? I see him about 3 times a week and we've been talking everyday for over a month. he's asked me out to get drinks but I've been late getting off work so we haven't been able to actually hang out outside of work yet.


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  • He is either really into you, and waiting on your response (about him) when he says there are "a lot of good looking guys there" (if that's the case - he wants some sign from you that you are attracted to him - and not Them), or he is gay.

    • lol I said no no and smiley faces
      and he said lol no? and then changed the subject

    • I'd say for sure he is into you. Its a gym right? Tell him his pecs are better than every other guys there! (joke.. or not - if it works for you:) But seriously, yeah sounds like he has a little bit of an ego problem (UNDER - inflated). So if you are really into him - help inflate his ego, and TELL him you guys are going out for drinks. Best to you!

    • thank you thank you! I think we're going Tuesday lol since when he had asked before I had been busy. I'm so excited😊😊 I visited him at work and ended up closing with him

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  • It's hard to say but there are 3 possible scenarios:
    1) He might be gay and sees you as a buddy to talk about cute guys with.
    2) He likes you so he's testing for your reaction.
    3) Another guy is interested in you and he's helping that guy out.

    • he's definitely not gay haha but I definitely appreciate your help!! I so wanted to say something like "oh are you talking about you?" but I mean I don't want to give it away lol as childish as that seems. but actually I don't think anyone else is interested and even if they were I definitely don't think he would text me and tell me! ahh that means he probably really does like me. sometimes he says cute stuff and it's really obvious what he thinks and then other times when he says this stuff it makes me so confused!!

    • I said no, by the way and he said lol no? and then he quickly changed the subject

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  • Don't date co-workers. It's almost never a good idea.

  • That question doesn't anything :)
    But I think if he invited you for a drink he probably likes you.:)


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