I'm attracted to this girl but don't necessary know if I want to be in a relationship with her?

i first saw her last year and at that time she had a boyfriend. at somepoint they broke up and she has appeared at the bar scene. she lives close to one of the bars i go to a lot so she is also there a lot , i picked up that she was interested in me but we haven't really talked a lot. we did talk last night and she invited me or encouraged me to come to a country music concert next Saturday at that bar , i was sort of undediced if i would go but she said i should go. i'm really attracted to her as she's got a great body and think seems ok. but is some things that make me question if i'd want to date her or not. one being she is likely on the rebound as her past relationship wouldn't of ended that long ago. two we don't really know each other , other than seeing each other at the bar , who knows what real life be like? she's also younger than me and seems to be more having fun at bar. i'm torn cause i'd really like to have sex with her but just not sure where to try and take things?


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  • When you talk to her and get to know her better tell her you're not looking for anything serious and just want to have fun imagine if you lead her to believe you want to be in a relationship with her and then you guys have sex and then break it to her that you think you should just be friends it's better to tell her from the beginning that you're not looking for something serious girls appreciate honesty


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  • I suggest you go with her. Just have fun and enjoy your time with her. You never know what happens unless you try. Good luck!


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