What do guys think if a girl is several things at once?

I guess I would be kind of a versatile girl. I've been involved into activities starting from a very early age and have several likes. There are times I don't have time to hang out with friends because I've been very busy.

Abilities and hobbies
- Trained fighter for years
- Some horseback riding experience
- Sometimes play video games
- Insect lover (though I like all other animals too, just that the crawlies are my favorite)
- Tend to be smart at school and just ended with a 3.60 GPA (though it used to be 3.80, will raise it again this last upcoming year... hard to keep up with death in the family)
- Started practing making some recipes a couple months ago, not an expert but I'm getting better at it. Cooking seems more like an art.

In terms of ideals or personality
- Well I would like to be in a relationship after I'm done with HS
- Non-religious virgin (atheist to be exact)
- Interested in forming a family in the future but I want to go all the way of getting a Ph. D in neurology.

Lastly hope my frame of 5'11 and nearly 160 Ibs isn't too much. Though, sometimes I still like wearing my heels. Just don't want to make the guy feel awkward about it.


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  • You sound really cool

    • Thanks.. now if only I had a bit more time to be an average girl for once and hang out with my friends that would be cool. At one point I was kind of stressed out doing many things at once and then my grandfather dying that day. It lowered by GPA and a couple teachers were wondering why I'm not trying too hard. It can be a bit stressing too.

    • Maybe set aside a Saturday to do that

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  • At your age, honestly I don't know... maybe its normal and I hope you get good opinions from your own age group. At my age - I would probably think you were bipolar. And it would not be the 5'11 160# that scared me off...:)

    • Actually by the time I'm 40, I already pictured myself long settled down with kids and a Ph. D in neurology.

    • Best of luck to you:)

  • Oh you're a gamer? I'm also a gamer :D You seem like an awesome person to me!

    • Thanks. Only thing I wish is I had a bit more time to hang out with my friends.

    • You're welcome :) I'm pretty busy myself too cause I have to work evenings, and it really messes my sleeping hours.

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  • You had me at horse back riding o_o

    • Yeah, I have ridden one about two months ago, the last time I was 12. Still haven't gotten though and remembered it very well.
      All I wish though is have a bit more time to hang out with friends and for once be just an average girl that's chilling and having fun.

    • still haven't forgotten

    • Thats cool! You can make time, just gotta make it amd stick to it

  • I think its good.

    • Thanks. Though would be cool if I had a bit more time hanging out with friends and become for once an average girl into fashion. Hard to when you're doing many things and are busy most of the times.