Are innocent, kind, friendly, shy, quiet girls fair game to guys thinking that the girl likes them?

I am 18 and very shy, quiet, 'cutesy', bookworm, innocent and friendly. I often blush when men talk to me and giggle a little, and have deep discussions where I listen to all their thoughts and opinions vice versa. I do not think many young women do that to men anymore nowadays, and instead talk about trivial things.
However, as a result, I have noticed a lot of guys have interest in me. Is it because they think they can take advantage of me? I thought that guys liked outgoing girls who just talk more. I am scared that men will take advantage of my nature.
please answer


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  • some guys might show interest towards u coz they believe they could "manipulate" u easier. although there r some other guys who'd rather have a conv wid some more "mature" gal, who has some level of education above da average

    • Why would a guy interested in her would automatically want to take advantage of her? doesn't she have any merit? Can't a guy simply be charmed by her social clumsiness?

    • Lol I am highly educated... "above da average"... I am not a bimbo.

    • @juicybrain i don't think guys r often attracted by it

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  • I think us guys are drawn to women who seem to really pay attention to us. Many girls minds are on facebook or whatever. So they are probably thinking you are interested iin them.

  • What do you mean by fair game? Every women is fair game if you like her? They can't take advantage of your nature as you say if you say NO. If you are into it, then not not going with the flow?

    • How can i put it... I act friendly and shy towards guys, which makes them pursue me more even if it is not romantic... it gives them the idea that it is, but I am not a cold person, it is just in my nature.

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    • @asker Well, what if discussing with you makes them realize how much of a cool girl you are? Maybe your intention is not to flirt, but they may think you're a great girl and decide they want you? It's not your fault if you are irresistable 😉

    • Hahahaha well, I do not intentionally flirt.. Thanks ;)

  • I am just like you except that I'm terrible with women, haha, and yes I would date someone like you as there will be a lot compatibility between us.

  • Shyness is cute. Plus, I don't like troublesome extroverts anyway.

    • I like extroverted males, and I wonder if they like shy girls too or just see them as easy.

    • Depend on the extravert. some are nice and others are mean. Mean extroverts are the bane of bane of my existence. As they think quiet=weak.

    • Ahhh yes! I do not socialise with people who think I am weak because I am quiet.

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