Girls, what modern dating commandments for men would you have?

I saw the above article and I thought it was interesting. It made me curious what else girls might want as modern dating 'commandments' (rules, basically) for men.

You can say things that were in the article in your own words with your own take on them, things that were not in the article or things that contradict the article. It's all up to you.

You don't even have to read it, just suggest the main modern dating rules you think men should follow.

NOTE: These rules must at least consider the man's needs and his own desires too so having "Rule 1: Buy every girl you date a car." isn't an acceptable answer. ;P


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Thou shall not be a sexist ass
    2. Thou shall not rush intimacy
    3. Thine wish are to be honoured also
    4. Thou should not be a homophobic douche
    5. Thou shall not be a racist idiot
    6. Thou may not talk to other women in a suggestive manner
    7. Never speak with crude mannerisms while first dating
    8. Respect thy partners opinions
    9. Thou should provide interesting conversations
    10. Thou should respect thine partners parents


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  • Rule no1 though shalt not date rape

  • Communication is key.

  • I think it's important for a guy to be loyal, keep up good communication and not be selfish in bed.

    • How can he avoid being selfish in bed? Oral or does he need to develop enough self control to wait?

  • I think being a gentleman is what's really important for me. You know, openin doors, picking the tab, letting her go first (you can check her ass, some girls like that, we don't really bust our butts just for us), oh and table manners, please and thank yous to the server. We notice those stuff.

  • just be honest and nice.

    • It normally takes more than that.

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