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I have met an amazing girl. I told her I wanted to get to know her better and she agreed with me. She told me at the time she wasn't ready to date. So we talked on the phone about once a week and now it has been every day for a couple hours or more. We have talked the night away under the stars and I gave her an hour back massage while runing my fingers up her arm and she said that feels good. Giving me no red lights. I haven't tried to kiss her out of respect to her not ready to date but I so want to! She knows I like her a lot and I can see it in her eyes too the same. So the other day she says this to me " I have been feeling this pressure to figure it out (to date me or not), because I dont know that we can just be friends and I dont want to lead you on and hurt you so Im in this constant limbo and its stressing me out." what does this mean? I think I know what it means but I want to hear from others what their thoughts are on this. Thanks!


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  • It means she doesn't really want to date you anymore


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