Guy not speaking to me after I texted him how I feel?

Met this guy through tinder we chatted for a while but things got complicated cause we wanted different things but we were attracted to each other we both admitted. Since we wanted different things I texted him that what we are doing isn't what I want and he didn't reply. Why?
The sad part is I like him. He hasn't spoken to me since I downloaded the app again was swiping and I saw that we were a match and he still won't initiate a conversation. Why? Was it a courtesy swipe


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  • He's moved on.

    • He hasn't blocked me or deleted my number. Should I expect him to do that?

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    • So it was a courtersyswipe then. He didn't reply so was he happy to get rid of me?

    • He probably wasn't happy or sad beyond "well that didn't work out".

      Guys have an advantage over girls here where we can choose to move on and just stop thinking about you. Its not being an asshole, we're just wired that way.

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  • Talk to him and explain why


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