Can we be together?

I have been dating this 41 year old man (I'm 25) and things have been amazing. He says he wants to be with me and wants to have a life with me but I'm scared bc I have been hurt before.


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  • According to that man u can


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  • I think it's possible. That is quite an age gap, but if it's right its right. I wouldn't rule him out just because of his age.

    • Well it's not his age that bothers me. Its mainly that scared of commitment

    • I'm mean I love him but I'm scared

    • Well don't rush the commitment then. Is he pressuring you to settle down because he wants to get married and start a family or something?

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  • 41? What's attractive?

    • I find everything about him attractive. His eyes is what caught my attention the first time we ever met

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